Yesterday we did 9 cases. We started with a 2 year old with an abdominal mass about 20 cm in diameter. We could tell it was a kidney tumor-probably a nephroblastoma or Wilms' Tumor. We did a nephrectomy. 

Next we operated on an unfortunate woman with a giant breast mass. The tumor was necrotic and foul smelling. I think it is a cystosarcoma phyllodes tumor, which occurs in the breast but is not a breast cancer but a sarcoma. We did a radical mastectomy. She will need a muscle flap and skin graft to close the wound.
Necrotic breast mass

Chest wall after removal of tumor (head to the right)
The next case was a young girl with a recurrent keloid of the face. She was quite disheartened. We removed the mass and injected the wound with corticosteroids to hopefully prevent a recurrence.

We did several other cases, including 2 thyroidectomies, fulguration of skin cancers in an albino, a giant inguinal hernia, a ventral hernia, and excision of a thyroglossal duct cyst. We have done a total of 68 in 8 days. Tomorrow we will operate on a difficult case of a young man with a recurrent sarcoma of the shoulder.