Yesterday was a busy day. We started with a bilateral inguinal hernia. Next, we reexplored a woman on whom we did a radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer. She had preoperative chemotherapy. The left ureter was involved and very small, so we ligated it. On reexploration, we reimplanted the ureter ito the bladder. After this, we reexplored the woman with an intraabdominal pregnancy-her bleeding had stopped so we closed her abdomen. Next we did 2 goiters. We then debrided the wound of the woman with sarcoma of the chest and shoulder.

Massive ascites
We proceeded to what we thought would be our last case of the day-a young girl with an abdominal mass and massive ascites. We explored her and drained 8 liters, then removed an ovarian tumor. We are hoping it is not malignant.

We packed up to go but on night rounds found a woman with a near strangulated bowel in a Pfannensteil Incison. We repaired her hernia with mesh-the bowel was bruised but seemed viable.

Today we operated on a baby with syndactally. We had done the left hand in June and today we did the right hand. Then we worked on a baby boy with a severe burn contracture of the leg. We did a series of Z-plasties to release the contracture.  Dr. Umezerike and I then worked on a lady who had a uretero-vaginal fistula post C-section. We divided the ureter distally and reimplanted it in into the bladder and the problem was solved. Next, we moved on to a lady with an ectopic pregnancy. We removed the tube and pregnancy which was hemorrhaging into the abdomen. We then did the mandatory daily goiter and finished with a submandibular tumor!

Jaw Tumor
An interesting patient came to clinic today. He has a recurrent lower jaw mass-probably an ameloblastoma. He has had this problem for 5 years. It is a very difficult situation because resection would require removal of almost the entire lower jaw. He needs reconstruction. I will see him next trip and perform the resection. 

After SQ mastectomies
The man on the left came to clinic with bilateral gynecomastia. This is not life threatening but very embarassing for him. We performed bilateral SQ mastectomies and he was very happy. 

The boy on the right also came to clinic today. we removed a large left maxillary tumor in February. He has a beautiful result.